Tesla has been granted a patent for a Cybertruck electric pickup tire design for exclusive use for 15 years

News on March 9, it was reported that Tesla, which failed to mass-produce the Cybertruck electric pickup truck at the end of 2021 and the end of 2022 as scheduled, is moving forward to start producing this electric car in November 2019 at the Texas Gigafactory later this year, and they are also accelerating the recruitment of relevant personnel.

In addition to accelerating the recruitment of relevant personnel to achieve mass production, Tesla is also applying for a patent related to the Cybertruck, and they recently obtained a tire design patent.

According to foreign media reports, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted Tesla a patent related to tire designs and granted Tesla exclusive design rights for the next 15 years.

However, it was also mentioned in the report that although Tesla applied for and obtained a patent for the appearance design of Cybertruck electric pickup tires, it does not mean that it will be used in the final mass-produced car. Automakers continue to apply for patents, and many of the patented designs and technologies may never be used.

Tesla’s Cybertruck electric pickup launched in November 2019,The shape is unique, and the appearance is very different from the pickup trucks launched by other manufacturers beforeIf they do patent the relevant components as reported, they are expected to obtain a significant number of design patents.

Great Wall Motor: Haval’s first large SUV returns to the Haval H5 sequence

News on March 9, Great Wall Motor announced: Haval’s first large SUV returns to the Haval H5 sequence! New Friends & Old Guys, H5, Inherit the Classics, Recreate the Legend!

Today we found in the “Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products Announcement” (Batch 369) that the new Haval H5 officially passed the application. The all-new Haval H5 has a length, width and height of 5190/1905/1835mm and a wheelbase of 3140mm; The front face adopts a large trapezoidal grille, supplemented by two banners, and the “HAVAL” brand logo is located in the center of the upper banner; The tail markings are available in three styles, meaning that two versions of the H5 L and H5 MAX may be available.


The all-new Haval H5 has a curb weight of 2120 (2155) kg, 17-inch and 18-inch rims and tire sizes of 245/65 R17 and 245/60 R18. In terms of power, the car is equipped with a 2.0T diesel engine (maximum power 122kW) and a high and low power 2.0T gasoline engine (maximum power 145kW / 165kW), mated to an 8AT gearbox.

Anker is launching an iceless cooler that can chill food for 42 hours

Anker might be best known for its lineup of solar panels and portable power stations, but the company is looking to broaden its horizons this March with the Anker EverFrost — an iceless cooler that can chill your food and drinks for a staggering 42 hours.

We’re still waiting on some important details regarding the EverFrost (such as pricing and its exact launch date), although we do know a Kickstarter campaign will go live on March 23. Anker is also teasing bits of info about the cooler ahead of its launch, and it’s shaping up to be an impressive device.

Featuring a 299-watt-hour detachable battery and rechargeable via solar panels, the EverFrost doesn’t need any ice to keep your food cold. Anker says the cooling system is so efficient in the EverFrost that you’ll be able to bring drinks from 77 degrees to 32 degrees Fahrenheit in just 30 minutes. That’s an impressive feat, and it’s one made all the more so by its lack of ice and how long it can keep items chilly.

The EverFrost will be available in three sizes (33L, 43L, and 53L), with the smallest size capable of holding 38 soda cans and the largest size able to hold 62 soda cans. Regardless of which size you pick, lugging the cooler around is made easy with a suitcase design that features durable wheels suited for a night off the grid. Better yet, its handle can double as a makeshift table so you don’t have to lug even more gear out into the mountains.

It doesn’t seem like the Anker EverFrost will integrate with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, although it does benefit from the Anker app, which grants remote control of its performance. Expect to learn more about the EverFrost lineup when it’s officially launched on March 23. You’ll also want to check out the EcoFlow Glacier, which was revealed during CES 2023 and fills a similar niche.